Name  :   Luksiga Aim-Noi

High-School  :  Amnuay Silpa International School

Master’s Degree  :  Faculty of English Language and Teaching (ELT) 

                                       Assumption University (ABAC)

Thesis  :    Evaluating Speaking Activities Based On Thai Students’
                    Performance In The EFL Communication Classroom

Teaching Experiences  :

  •   Assumption University students ; English Foundation Classroom
  •   Chulalongkorn University Students  :  English Grammar and Structure 
  •   Mahidol University International College (MUIC) :  English Grammar
  •  Kasetsart University Students :  English Foundation Classroom
  •  Ramkhamhaeng University Students  :  Reading Comprehension Course
  • Teaching Thai to a group of adult foreigners


English Teaching based on :

Speaking skills – Writing – Grammar and Structure – Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary


More Working Experience

Worked at the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP)

Worked at the Priest Hospital in the Department of Planning and Evaluation

Worked at the Vichaiyut Hospital in the Department of International Public Relations

Online English Certificate Courses

My Happiness is………

I have loved English since I was 5. My father was my inspiration who always supported me to study English. When I was studying in the Bachelor’s Degree, I always taught my friends English grammar and structure because they did not understand what a teacher taught in a classroom and I was able to teach and explain what they did not understand. When I was studying in the Master’s Degree, I selected to be EFL Teacher based on English Language and Teaching. I spoke English a lot with my foreigner friends all the time and I had an opportunity in teaching English to Assumption University Students in English Foundation Course including Communication Classroom. I could finish my own Thesis to be the first person of the faculty of ELT, I felt so happy at that time.  

In my dream, I would like to teach English to my own students as well as possible.

I am always happy when I can help my own students be successful.


Kru Mui